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How to Find Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the game Disney Dreamlight Valley, clay is an important resource to collect and use for crafting. However, it can be difficult to find if you don't know where to look. Here are the best locations to find clay in the game and how to obtain it.

Clay can be found in three different regions in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands. If you don't have any other regions unlocked, the Glade of Trust is the cheapest location to access, costing 5,000 Dreamlight.

Once you have unlocked your chosen location, you will need to use your Royal Shovel to dig into the ground. The clay is not found in the sparkling mounds, so you can dig anywhere. However, it may not appear on your first try, so keep digging until you find some.

If you want to quickly farm clay, you can go to the Glade of Trust or the Sunlit Plateau with high-energy meals or lemons. Use your shovel until you run out of energy, then eat or use another energy source and repeat the process. This will allow you to gather clay more efficiently.

Alternatively, clay occasionally spawns on the surface in the Sunlit Plateau, but this method is not as quick as digging for it.

Clay is just one of the resources you can collect and there are other guides available to help you navigate Disney Dreamlight Valley, such as finding Lost Diaries locations, upgrading your house, unlocking characters, and more.

Overall, clay is a valuable resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and by knowing where to find it and how to farm it, you can make the most of this resource in the game.