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How to Find the Reef Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure allows you to immerse yourself in a quiet life on an island filled with activities, secrets, characters, and quests. To fully experience the game, it's important to explore every corner of the map and help each friend you encounter. However, not all quests are straightforward, and some may require you to find specific items without providing any hints. One such quest is “Restore the Nature Preserve,” which tasks you with locating the Reef Critter List.

To embark on the “Restore the Nature Preserve” questline, interact with Keroppi. As you progress through the questline, you'll unlock new areas and items in the Nature Preserve. The search for the Reef Critter List is one of the tasks you'll need to complete for Keroppi.

Keroppi does not provide specific information regarding the location of the Reef Critter List, so locating it can be time-consuming, especially if you haven't crafted Flippers yet. Without Flippers, you won't be able to swim and access the item.

To obtain the Reef Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you must first craft Flippers using Fins and a Strap. Once you have Flippers, head to the leftmost “room” in the Nature Preserve. Swim to the bottom left corner to find the Reef Critter List on a set of crates.

Finding the Reef Critter List can be challenging due to its hidden placement, but by following these tips, you'll be able to locate it without any issues. For more guidance, you can also refer to our guide on how to fast travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Note: Hello Kitty Island Adventure is now available on iOS via Apple Arcade.