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How to Turn Off the Narrator in Minecraft

The narrator was added to Minecraft's Java Edition in the 1.12 update. While it can be helpful for some players, others may find it distracting and want to turn it off. Here's how you can do that on different platforms.

For Xbox and PlayStation players, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Settings menu.
2. Select the ‘Accessibility' tab.
3. Look for the UI Screen Reader option in the menu.
4. Toggle the option off to mute the narrator.

PC players can turn off the narrator by:
1. Holding down the CTRL and B buttons simultaneously.
2. This will open the voice and sound menu.
3. From there, the narrator can be turned off.

If you're playing the Pocket Edition on mobile or console, here's what to do:
1. Open the Settings menu.
2. Go to chat settings.
3. Look for the narrator toggle button in the bottom left.
4. Press the button to disable the narrator.

These steps should help you turn off the narrator in Minecraft on all platforms. For more content and guides on the game, check out the links provided.