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Pokémon World Champion Wolfe Glick Reveals Leaked Team in NAIC Journey

Beloved content creator and Pokémon World Champion, Wolfe Glick, recently shared an insightful video detailing his VGC run at the North America International Championships (NAIC). Despite finishing in 19th place, his lowest placement of the season, Glick's journey was not without its challenges.

During the tournament, Glick brought a peculiar Perish Trap team consisting of Gothitelle, Scream Tail, Ting-Lu, Dondozo, Tatsugiri, and Flamigo. However, fans who were watching the stream noticed that another player, Brady Smith, used the exact same team just one round earlier. Many assumed they had collaborated, as it's common for players to work together in team-building. But Glick's video revealed a different story.

According to Glick, the team he had built with a few friends was leaked, and a significant portion of the VGC community knew about it days before the event. This gave other players ample time to prepare and practice against it, negating the surprise factor of using an off-meta pick like Flamigo.

While it is not against the rules to bring the same team as another competitor, Glick expressed his unease about Smith using his leaked team without their prior agreement. Smith later admitted in his own video that he was unaware it was Glick's team until after the tournament began.

Glick believes that his success as a top competitor has made him a target for team leaks, as many see him as the one to beat. Despite being unable to secure his day two invite this year, he remains determined to win another World Championship, highlighting the challenges he will face in the brutal first day.

Only one player has ever won the World Championships after starting on day one, and that player was Glick. He is ready to do it again, and fans will be closely following his journey as he competes at Worlds in Yokohama, Japan from August 11 to 13, alongside the best VGC players.

With the unpredictable Regulation D ruleset in place, anything can happen at the World Championships.