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Tarkov Wipe: Get Ready to Escape

After 225 days since the last Tarkov wipe, Battlestate Games is launching a new update on August 10th, bringing back the excitement for hundreds of thousands of Escape From Tarkov fans. With each wipe, players start fresh, all at the same level and with access to similar equipment, creating a balanced playing field for a short period of time.

The highlight of the update is the Streets of Tarkov expansion, featured in a two-minute trailer released on Twitter. Alongside this expansion, players can expect new weapons like a sawn-off shotgun and a powerful PKM machine gun, a new boss, and various changes and balances to enhance gameplay.

Battlestate Games had previously shared a roadmap, giving players insight into future updates. After this wipe, players can anticipate improvements such as an updated trading UI, loadout presets, randomized loot container spawns, an intuitive healing menu, new hideout features, tweaked AI behavior, and rebalanced quests and tasks.

The Tarkov wipe not only brings excitement to players, but it also attracts attention from platforms like Twitch and YouTube, as streamers and content creators dedicate their time to showcasing the early wipe gameplay that fans enjoy.

The patch for the wipe and update 13.5 is scheduled to start at 8am BST / 3am EDT, with an estimated completion time of six hours. However, experienced players are aware that it may take longer, and the game may experience some instability due to the influx of players.

During this time, millions of gamers will be starting with their basic kits, completing tasks, and striving to reach level 15 to unlock the flea market.

So, are you eagerly anticipating the Tarkov wipe, or will you be taking a break from the game? Let us know in the comments.