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Riot Games Rumored to Release Valorant Neptune Bundle 2.0

Valorant players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Neptune bundle 2.0, and it seems their wishes may soon be granted. Leaks from reliable sources suggest that Riot Games is working on a sequel to the highly popular Neptune collection.

The rumors surrounding the Valorant Neptune bundle 2.0 were first revealed by notable leaker ValorLeaks through a tweet. The tweet mentioned that the upcoming bundle will likely include a Phantom, Odin, Bulldog, and possibly other weapons. While the fourth weapon has yet to be confirmed by data miners and leakers, players can expect a melee skin to be part of the collection, as is the case with other skin bundles.

The original Neptune collection was released in May 2022 with the 4.10 update for Valorant. It featured skins with intricate animations that resembled fish swimming in an aquarium. The attention to detail and creativity of the designs made the collection a huge hit among players.

As for the pricing of the Neptune bundle 2.0, it is expected to be similar to the original bundle, which cost 7,100 Valorant Points (VP) or approximately $70 USD. However, individual skins can be purchased for 1775 VP ($18) each. It is recommended for players to opt for the bundle as it offers a more cost-effective way of obtaining all the skins.

It's important to note that the leak should be taken with a grain of salt, as Riot Games has not officially announced any plans for a Neptune bundle sequel. However, considering the success of the original collection, it wouldn't be surprising to see a second installment in the near future.


– ValorLeaks (Twitter)