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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Breakdown of Power-Ups

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is an exciting new 2D Mario game that brings fresh elements to the beloved plumber's sidescrolling adventures. Along with a new art style, the game introduces a variety of power-ups that players can utilize on their exciting journey.

One of the standout power-ups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the Elephant Fruit. This power-up grants each playable character an Elephant form, enabling them to swing their trunks to attack enemies and break blocks. They can even store water in their trunks to solve puzzles and extinguish fires.

The Bubble Flower is another new power-up that helps with platforming and defeating enemies. Players can send out slow-moving bubbles that eliminate smaller enemies like Goombas and Koopas. These bubbles can also traverse terrain, allowing players to defeat hard-to-reach enemies. Additionally, players can jump off these bubbles to gain extra height.

The Drill Mushroom gives Mario and his friends a drill on their hats. With this power-up, players can protect themselves from attacks from above, destroy hard surfaces from below, and even burrow underground or through ceilings. It offers a versatile way to avoid enemies, overcome obstacles, and discover hidden areas.

The classic Fire Flower makes its return in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Mario can shoot fireballs from his hands to defeat enemies, just like in previous games. Additionally, the Super Mushroom, which turns Mario into his larger form, is expected to make a comeback in this new installment.

The flagship power-up of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the Wonder Flower. This unique item not only grants Mario and his friends new abilities but also has various effects on the stage. It can change the stage's design, move obstacles like Warp Pipes, alter the course's perspective, and even transform Mario's form completely. Its hidden potential promises to play a crucial role in conquering different levels throughout the game.

These are the power-ups confirmed so far in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. As the game continues to reveal more, this article will be updated to include any new additions. Stay tuned for further information on the exciting power-ups that will enhance Mario's sidescrolling adventure.

– Power-ups: special items or abilities that enhance a player character's abilities in a video game.
– Sidescrolling: a game mechanic where the action occurs on a 2D plane from the side perspective.
– Platforming: gameplay that involves jumping from platforms or surfaces to progress through a level.
– Burrow: to dig or tunnel through the ground or material.
– Warp Pipes: green pipes in the Mario franchise that allow characters to instantly transport to different areas of a level.

Source: Philip Trahan, Published: 2023-09-03, Updated: 2023-09-03.