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Twitch Star Kai Cenat References Rumored $40 Million Offer from Kick

Twitch star Kai Cenat has subtly hinted at a rumored $40 million offer from Kick, despite initially denying that he had received it. Kick has been making efforts to challenge Twitch's dominance in the livestreaming space by offering streamer-friendly deals to top creators. Although Kick has successfully recruited streamers like xQc, Adin Ross, and BruceDropEmOff, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to bring Kai Cenat on board.

Kai, who had been having contract issues with Twitch, was strongly rumored to be the first major streamer to join Kick, but this turned out to be false. There were also claims that he had rejected a $40 million offer from Kick, which he denied and publicly criticized Adin Ross for spreading such rumors. However, Kai Cenat has now made references to the offer again.

During the AMP 2023 Freshman Cypher, Kai indirectly addressed the issue in his rap, mentioning the purported $40 million offer and requesting double that amount. Although he didn't specifically mention Kick, it was clear that he was alluding to the reported offer that did not materialize.

To this date, Kai Cenat has signed a non-exclusive deal with Rumble for a show called The Kai ‘N Speed Show, alongside IShowSpeed. He continues to stream on Twitch, remaining one of the platform's most prominent creators. It is uncertain whether he will ultimately receive the deal he desires from Kick, as the platform continues to pursue other big contracts with streamers.