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Upcoming Xbox Games: Age of Mythology Retold, Everwild, Fable, and Avowed

Age of Mythology Retold, Everwild, Fable, and Avowed are some of the highly anticipated games coming to Xbox. These games offer a variety of genres including indie, RPG, and open-world.

Age of Mythology Retold is a remake of the classic real-time strategy game. Fans of the original will be excited to dive back into the world of mythology and build their civilizations once again.

Everwild is an upcoming open-world game developed by Rare. It promises to offer a unique and magical experience, allowing players to explore a beautiful and enchanted world filled with mysterious creatures.

Fable is a beloved RPG series that is returning with a new installment. Known for its immersive storytelling and fantasy setting, Fable has garnered a dedicated fanbase. The upcoming game is expected to continue this tradition with its open-world exploration and player choices.

Avowed is an ambitious RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment. With a focus on exploration and player freedom, Avowed aims to provide a vast and detailed world for players to explore. As an epic fantasy game, it has generated a lot of excitement among RPG enthusiasts.

These upcoming Xbox games offer a wide range of experiences for gamers. Whether you enjoy strategy, open-world exploration, or immersive storytelling, there is something to look forward to on the Xbox horizon. So, prepare to embark on new adventures and immerse yourself in these exciting worlds.