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Guilty Gear Strive to Release Network Security Patch to Combat “Hackerman” Issue

Guilty Gear Strive, the popular fighting game developed by Arc System Works, launched its third season a month ago. However, many players have been hesitant to try out the significant changes due to ongoing issues with the game. These issues have either prevented players from playing altogether or severely impacted their experience.

Fortunately, Arc System Works has announced that they have a network security patch in the works to address the persistent “Hackerman” situation that has been plaguing certain players for almost a year now. Ken Miyauchi, the producer of Guilty Gear Strive, took to Twitter to inform fans about this upcoming update.

“We are planning a #GuiltyGearStrive network security patch releasing on September 25,” said Miyauchi. “This will test out a fix on the Hackerman cases. The exact timing of the patch release will be announced from @GUILTYGEAR_PR next week. Thank you for your patience.”

Previously, Miyauchi had stated that they believed the issues were most likely caused by an unrelated and non-human-induced factor. However, this recent announcement suggests that the development team's perspective may have changed internally. It is uncertain at this point if hackers are behind the attacks, but more information is expected to be provided in the future.

The term “Hackerman” refers to the persistent problems that certain players, particularly big tournament competitors and streamers, have experienced, preventing them from playing the game smoothly. These issues range from the game slowing down to a crawl, to soft-locking or crashing, causing significant disruptions in online tournaments.

Players who have encountered these problems can find more information about the Hackerman issue. With the upcoming network security patch, it is hoped that the Guilty Gear Strive community will no longer have to contend with these issues after next week.

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