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The 8 Best Planets for Building an Outpost in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated upcoming game from Bethesda, offers players the opportunity to explore numerous solar systems and planets. One of the key features of Starfield is that each planet is procedurally generated, ensuring that the terrain and missions are always unique to players. However, while the landscapes may vary, the resources available on each planet stay the same. This opens up an exciting opportunity for players to mine and utilize these resources to make money in the game through outpost building.

Before you begin building your outpost in Starfield, there are a few things to consider. First, you can only build eight outposts on any planet. Beyond that, you will need to shut down one of your existing outposts. Additionally, the ability to construct advanced structures and outposts is tied to specific skills. By unlocking the skills of Outpost Management, Planetary Habitation, and Research Methods, you can enhance your outpost building capabilities and increase your storage capacity.

When selecting a planet for your outpost, it is crucial to choose one that is rich in essential resources. Resources like aluminium and lead are vital for various purposes in the game. By using your planetary scanner, you can identify planets that possess these resources in abundance.

Here are the 8 best planets in Starfield for building an outpost:

1. Kreet: Located in the Narion star system, Kreet is a rocky moon with resources such as iron, silver, lead, and argon.

2. Andraphon: Another moon in the Narion star system, Andraphon offers resources including aluminium, beryllium, europium, helium-3, and iron.

3. Cassiopeia I: Situated in the Eta Cassiopeia star system, Cassiopeia I provides resources like water, chlorine, copper, nickel, fluorine, and cobalt.

4. Tau Ceti II: This rocky planet in the Tau Ceti star system offers resources such as water, argon, iron, benzene, and alkanes.

5. Eridani II: Eridani 2, located in the Eridani star system, provides resources including water, chlorine, copper, nickel, iron, fluorine, cobalt, and gold.

6. Leviathan IV: Situated in the Leviathan star system, Leviathan IV offers resources such as water, chlorine, aluminium, copper, iron, fluorine, and ytterbium.

7. Linnaeus IV-b: This moon of Linnaeus IV, located in the Linnaeus star system, offers resources like water, helium-3, aluminium, iron, lead, beryllium, alkanes, and ytterbium.

8. Maheo II: Maheo II, a frozen planet in the Maheo star system, offers resources such as water, helium-3, copper, iron, lead, alkanes, tetrafluorides, and ytterbium.

By selecting one of these planets for your outpost in Starfield, you can ensure access to a variety of valuable resources and maximize your earning potential in the game.

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