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The Controversy Surrounding xQc and Adept Reaches New Heights

The saga of controversy between Twitch streamers xQc and Adept has taken a dramatic turn. The pair, who were once in a relationship, have been publicly airing their grievances, and now their feud has pulled in friends as well.

xQc and Adept ended their relationship in 2022, and xQc announced in March 2023 that they had split again, citing a choice between “family” and Adept, with the former being chosen. Adept then filed for divorce, claiming they were in a “common law marriage.” xQc also confirmed his relationship with FRAN, an Overwatch streamer, in June.

In July, xQc accused Adept of entering his home without permission. Although things momentarily calmed down, xQc's plans to go to Vegas in August reignited the dispute, allegedly stemming from an issue with his long-time friend Poke.

On August 13, FRAN decided to address the situation and clarify her perspective. She used drawings to explain the timeline of events and revealed that xQc had cheated on her. Additionally, she mentioned that Adept had accused xQc of being physically abusive. However, FRAN denied this, stating that xQc was not abusive towards her.

Later that day, xQc admitted to cheating on FRAN with Adept during his live stream. He acknowledged his mistake but vehemently denied any allegations of physical abuse towards Adept or anyone else.

Another revelation came from xQc's friend Jesse, who stated on Twitter that Adept had claimed to be pregnant and swindling money from xQc. Adept expressed her surprise on stream and criticized Jesse for making this public.

xQc tweeted on August 14, asserting that he had taken responsibility for his actions but stating that the rumors surrounding him were false and driven by ulterior motives, specifically implying a desire for money from Adept.

As the drama unfolds, updates will be provided on the situation.