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The Last of Us Factions Multiplayer Game Expected to Release in 2024

The Last of Us II is considered one of PlayStation's biggest titles and has left fans eagerly waiting for more content in the series. Recent reports suggest that the highly anticipated multiplayer game, The Last of Us Factions, could finally be arriving next year.

The absence of a multiplayer mode in The Last of Us II disappointed many fans, leading to speculation about whether Naughty Dog had any plans for it. However, job recruitment descriptions posted by Naughty Dog in 2021 and Neil Druckmann's confirmation of the game's development at the Summer Games Fest in 2022 provided hope for its eventual release.

Fans began connecting the dots when Sony announced the delay of several first-party PlayStation games to 2024 due to internal financial issues. Additionally, Naughty Dog's job openings pointed towards the development of The Last of Us Factions. Based on these pieces of information, it is possible that the game could be released sometime in late 2024.

There is also speculation that The Last of Us Factions could be included in the remaster of The Last of Us II. As the remastered version has not been released yet, it is plausible that Naughty Dog has been planning a combined release which has been delayed due to the financial crisis.

Despite the delay, fans are willing to wait for a polished and refined game. The Last of Us Factions holds high expectations, and with more time for development, Naughty Dog could deliver an even better experience.

Currently, there is no official news from Naughty Dog regarding the release of The Last of Us Factions. Fans are eagerly awaiting any announcements that may come during the State of Play event.