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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Addresses Mega-Leak: Plans Will Be Shared When Ready

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has responded to the recent mega-leak of confidential Microsoft documents, describing them as “old” and assuring fans that Xbox will reveal its real plans when the time is right. The leaked documents, which were inadvertently made public as part of Microsoft's court battle with the FTC, contain a wealth of information related to Xbox, including plans for a digital-only Xbox Series X/S refresh, a new controller, and details about a brand-new Xbox set to release in 2028. The documents also revealed information about upcoming Bethesda titles, such as Dishonored 3 and Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel.

Since the leak surfaced, more revelations have come to light, including Phil Spencer's apparent excitement over a potential Nintendo acquisition. While fans eagerly await further clarification from Microsoft, the company has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

However, Phil Spencer finally acknowledged the leak in a statement shared on social media. He expressed disappointment in seeing the team's work being shared in this manner and emphasized that much has changed and there is plenty to be excited about both now and in the future. Spencer assured fans that Microsoft will share its real plans at the appropriate time.

As for the leaked documents, their accuracy and relevance remain to be seen. The first test may come next year with the arrival of the digital-only Xbox Series X refresh, codenamed “Ellewood.”

While Microsoft has provided limited official comment, the FTC has repeatedly denied responsibility for the leak, aiming to dispel any conspiracy theories. This stance has been supported by a US judge, who confirmed that Microsoft was solely responsible for the accidental release of its confidential information.

Title: Xbox Boss Acknowledges Mega-Leak: Future Plans Await Right Timing